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Our Differentiation Strategies will position your company for quarterly growth in revenue, net profits, or market presence by making it easier for customers to choose you.

Circumvent to get your company to standout in the marketplace

Facing the challenge of hitting quarterly growth targets can often seem like a relentless battle. Without differentiation strategies, businesses risk seeing their revenue stagnate or decline, both quarter-to-quarter and year-over-year. 

This not only wastes resources on ineffective marketing but also risks making your company just another contender in a crowded market.

We are the world’s first quarterly growth consulting firm and the creators of the Circumvention Strategy, the world’s first methodology designed specifically to navigate and conquer these very challenges. 

Our approach enables you to circumvent traditional market battles, carving out a unique space for your company that your competitors haven’t even considered. Here’s how the Circumvention Strategy propels your business towards remarkable quarterly growth:

  • Differentiate in the Marketplace: Bypass the common “me-too” trap by identifying and seizing underexplored market opportunities.
  • Boost Quarterly Revenue: Venture into uncharted territories that are overlooked by competitors, opening up new revenue streams.
  • Increase Net Profits: Implement smarter, more efficient marketing strategies that do not just fight for attention but strategically avoid crowded spaces.

Circumvention Strategy

How to Go Around Your Competitors So Your Company Will Stand Alone in the Marketplace

Companies that master the art of circumvention don’t merely navigate the marketplace—they reshape it. 

By implementing circumvention strategies that sidestep direct competition, these firms not only survive; they set new standards. 

True market leaders leverage the Circumvention Strategy to carve out unique niches, distinguishing themselves far beyond the reach of “me-too” companies that eventually fade away. 

A company that successfully differentiates itself stands alone, leads the pack, and secures its throne.

The World's #1 Market Differentiation Strategy

We Implement The Quarterly Growth Formula & Your Company Grows

Step 1

Differentiate or Die

The Circumvention Brief – Your Defense

Every brand faces a crowded marketplace. Customers’ minds have millions of brands to reject and only a few to accept. That’s why market leaders stay market leaders and also-rans try to survive as long as they can. Your key to achieving rapid quarterly business growth lies in adopting a differentiation strategy and using the Circumvention Brief as a guided defensive landscape.

To succeed, it’s crucial to conduct market share research and uncover your competitors’ vulnerabilities within the market. That’s exactly why we’ve created the ‘Circumvention Brief.’ This invaluable tool is tailored to identify your competitors’ weaknesses in the eyes of customers, allowing you to position your brand strategically.

Step 2

An Exclusive Attribute for Your Brand

A Differentiated Position – Your Attack

Consumers think in categories and use brands to describe the category. 

  • Cola – Coca-Cola
  • EVs – Tesla
  • Portable Gaming Console – Nintendo Switch

We use the Circumvention Brief to attack competitor weaknesses in the market, then create a Differentiated Position so your brand can establish and own an attribute in the customer’s mind. You can attack by creating a new product category, narrowing your focus to an untouched market segment, or targeting their underperforming distribution channels. 

When creating a Differentiated Position for your company, it needs to include two things:

  1. An exclusive attribute that can only be applied to you and not the competition.
  2. A singular, clear, concise, differentiated idea that can be expressed in a simple sentence.

Find out if you have a Differentiated Position by asking, “What’s a ___(your brand)?”

If you can’t answer this in a singular sentence that only describes your brand, then you lack differentiation.

Step 3

Getting to the Top of the Customer’s Mind

Stand out in the Customer’s Mind – The Battleground

The marketing battleground occurs in the customer’s mind first, then translates to the marketplace. And in today’s excessively communicated society, getting into the customer’s mind is more complicated than ever. Our solution, the Unique Mind Premise, aligns seamlessly with how consumers think, harnessing cognitive biases such as the ‘Primacy Effect’ and ‘Backfire Effect’ to create a lasting impact.

Simply running ads is not a viable option. Ads try to challenge, change, and contort what the customer already believes. It’s an expensive task. When was the last time you changed your mind? When was the last time your mind was changed by an ad?

That’s why we find different strategies and avenues to communicate with consumers. Consumers will reject ads but accept PR. Why? Because PR has credibility that advertising doesn’t. Advertising should be used to defend and reinforce your brand.

You can find out how you rank in the customer’s mind by looking at your place in market share. Are you the leader in your category segmentation?

Step 4

Your Quarterly Growth

From an also-ran to the top brand – Your Victory

When you establish and effectively communicate a Differentiated Position, you ignite a powerful engine for growth. Sales don’t just inch up; they surge. Your quarterly growth accelerates, and the results are truly remarkable.

This isn’t just marketing jargon; it’s a proven formula for success. By clearly defining what sets your brand apart and conveying it to your target audience, you create a magnetic pull that draws customers in. They see the unique value you offer, and they respond with increased sales.

Imagine the thrill of watching your revenue graph climb steadily upward, quarter after quarter. Picture your market presence expanding as more and more customers recognize and appreciate your brand. Envision your net profits growing as a direct result of your well-defined Differentiated Position.

It’s not just about creating a message; it’s about crafting a message that resonates and sticks in the minds of your customers. It’s about standing out in a crowded marketplace, where competitors are vying for attention. It’s about becoming the brand that people think of first when they have a need, a problem, or a desire.

So, don’t just hope for growth – strategize for it. Invest in the power of a well-defined Differentiated Position, and watch your sales soar, your quarterly growth spike, and your business thrive. 


How we can help you

We work with companies’ executive leadership teams to craft strategies that communicates their differentiation in the marketplace, enabling them to grow their quarterly revenue, market presence, or net profits.

Our strategy will provide you with:

Market Navigation

Going head-to-head with strong competitors won't secure your market position. We specialize in navigating the market to help you circumvent established rivals.

Through our proprietary "market share research" methods, we pinpoint opportunities for you to dominate the market.

Credentialed Differentiation

While many brands focus on creativity, we prioritize trust and consistency, DoSucceed will use your credentials to create a Differentiated Position that aligns with consumer thinking, ensuring your marketing campaigns are credible and easily accepted by your audience.

Consistent Idea

DoSucceed ensures your brand communicates a consistent idea that resonates with your audience. We help you establish a clear, compelling message that strengthens your brand's identity and market impact.

Our Quarterly Growth Team Will Guide You

5 Benefits of Choosing DoSucceed Over Hiring an Employee:

  1. No HR Hassles: Avoid the complexities of managing 401k, matching, benefits, health insurance, dental insurance, PTO, sick time, and salaries.

  2. Immediate Impact: Skip the months-long hiring process and get instant access to a team of five business development growth experts.

  3. Cost Efficiency: Save on salaries, vacation, benefits, and insurance by opting for our services.

  4. Collective Expertise: Benefit from a team that specializes in market share strategy, competitor insights, offensive and defensive research, and industry market share analysis.

  5. Proven Results: Our experts are dedicated to producing results, ensuring your brand’s growth and success in the market.

Your Quarterly Growth Team Structure

The Quarterly Growth Team utilizes market share data to spot market weaknesses and help you seize untapped opportunities.

Quarterly Growth Director

Growth Partner

  • Holds constant contact and meets with you to explain and implement strategy
  • Manages your business development strategy and market share gameplans
Market Share expert

Market Share Maestro

  • Creates your one of a kind Market Share Machination
  • Creates continuous market share strategy based on data provided
Offensive Market Share Researcher

Market Share Coordinator

  • Conducts proprietary market share research
  • Finds the sweet spot for you to exploit in the market
  • Finds a way for your brand to standout by utilizing psychology like the Primacy Effect 
  • Finds a way to launch your brand’s lucrative attack 
Defensive Market Share Researcher

Market Share Scout

  • Conducts proprietary market share research
  • Scouts where your competitors are weak in line extensions, distribution points, market segmentations, etc.
  • Scouts what your competitors mean in the customer’s mind
  • Scouts the schemes of your competitors
Industry Market Share Analyst

Market Share Specialist

  • Conducts proprietary market share research
  • Compiles your industry data from over 12+ reports
  • Compiles data to show breakdown of which brands thrive in certain areas
  • Compiles data of the industry to hone in on untapped subsections

What Does Working With Our Quarterly Growth Team Look Like?

Working with our Quarterly Growth Team is a breeze, thanks to our streamlined processes, constant communication, and timed deliverables.
Our Quarterly Growth Team doesn't believe in wasting time — we're committed to delivering rapid results for your business, setting us apart from other solutions you may have encountered.
After working with our Quarterly Business Development Growth Team, you will grow in your category, and make more sales.

Your Quarterly Growth Plan

Meet with a Quarterly Growth Expert

Begin your journey to quarterly growth by clicking “Let’s Get Started” and engaging in a one-on-one consultation with our Quarterly Growth Director. 

During this session, you’ll explore the strategies we’ve successfully implemented for our clients and some ways to flank your category. 

Following the consultation, you’ll receive a custom-tailored proposal, complete with a meticulously detailed project schedule.

Get Your Differentiation Plan

With our Differentiation Plan, we’ll guide you in identifying a distinctive attribute that will magnetize your brand in the minds of your customers. 

This plan goes beyond theory; it provides actionable strategies to seamlessly integrate your differentiation into every aspect of your business, ensuring you stand out among competitors.

Get More Customers

Our battle-tested strategies for brand growth will leave you thrilled as you attract a surge of new customers. Watch as your brand not only thrives but outshines the competition in its category.